ESPN is to agreement with World Series of Poker

Written on 5 September 2009 by

Fox Business informs, that television network ESPN has signed contract, for a period of seven years on World Series of Poker events broadcasting. The agreement will start to operate after the termination of term of the previous contract, which will come to the end by 2010. So now we can enjoy watching WSOP already till 2018!
Harrah’s Entertainment representatives did not disclose details of the transaction.
WSOP broadcasting in 2008 has drawn attention of about 1,16 million spectators, only  at my., that is only on 15 % more than in 2007. And in 2009 ratings of World Series of Poker 2009 have fallen to 8 % in comparison with 2008. However because of the new concept «November Nine», broadcasting of semi-finals, ratings of viewing of final tables in 2008 have grown on 46 % in comparison with 2007.
Now, it is obvious that ESPN already long time makes profit of poker.
On July, 28th channel ESPN has started to show new episodes of World Series of Poker 2009. While it was possible to watch two-hour blocks: $40 000 No-Limit Hold’em, Champions Invitational, and also charitable tournament Ante Up for Africa.

$1 530 freerolls at Absolute Poker

Written on 11 August 2009 by

Do not miss series $1 530 cache freeroll at Absolute Poker! Hurry up, you can receive a part from $1 000 prizes, and also $530 ticket for Sunday $200 000 guaranteed tournament.
In order to take part in this grasping freeroll, it is necessary to download online poker client Absolute Poker under references RU.PokerNews, to make the minimum deposit and to play 75 rake hands for the certain period of time.
The winner of each $1 530 freeroll will receive $530 ticket for Sunday $200 000 guaranteed tournament. The prize-winning fund in $1 000 will be shared between players according to prize-winning structure of poker room.
August freeroll will be held from August, 4 till August, 18th at 18:00 EST and if you are registered at one of them you have more chances to become the owner of magnificent prizes from online club Absolute Poker.
You can find freeroll in a lobby of online club poker at “Tournaments” - “Special” - “PokerNews $1530 Freeroll”.

Draw Poker

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Draw Poker - is the basic and base version of Poker named 5 card poker. If you - are badly familiar with poker, it is a good starting point. The main purpose Draw Poker is to collect the strongest hand from 5 cards. After the first circle you can refuse some or all your cards and get the replacement. Cards of players should be never opened before final opening (Showdown), or opened when it is absolutely necessary.
There are two things, which you should know about Draw Poker -Poker Hands and Course of Play.

Poker Hands
Poker Hand is made from the best combination of five cards and the highest one is estimated as follows:

1. Royal Flush: A-K-Q-J-10, of one color
2. Straight Flush: any five consecutive cards of one color
3. Four-of-a-Kind: four cards of one type (for example 4 Kings)
4. Full House: three cards of one types (Three-of-a-Kind cards) and Pair
5. Flush: any five cards of one color
6. Straight: any five consecutive cards
7. Three-of-a-Kind: three cards of one type (for example 3 Kings)
8. Two Pairs
9. Pair: two cards of one type (for example 2 Kings)
10. Absence of Pairs: five various cards of different color
Draw Poker has no wild cards and all colors are estimated equally.

WSOP 2009: Zak Fellows wins $3 000

Written on 16 June 2009 by

Day 3 of tournament #21, HORSE became very long for those, who all the same has reached to ending poker as it has begun with 21 players. But Zak Fellous, probably, was not against such long game he became the owner of gold bracelet World Series of Poker 2009.
In the first hour poker of tournament only by five players left the game, allowing remained participants to seat behind two final tables. David Baker (17 place), Ylon Schwartz (18 place), Frank Debus (19 place), Brian McKain (20 place) and Jared Okun (21место) - all these palyers have received $8 782 each. In the second hour of game tournament Adam Heller (15 place) and Chau Giang (16 place) left the game, having received $11 477each. Bill Blanda (13 place) and Aaron Steury (14 place) became the following players, who have lost the counters, but received $14 209 prize-winning payment.
Asher Derei (12 place) and Frank Cremen (11 place) were the following on turn, having gained $17 939 each.
Officially final table of tournament #21 of WSOP 2009 has begun, when Gavin Smith ($23 777) left the game:
Place 1: Gabriel Nassif - 486 000
Place 2: Timothy Finne - 444 000
Place 3: Chris Amaral - 383 000
Place 4: Stewart Yancik - 374 000
Place 5: James Van Alstyne - 720 000
Place 6: Michele Limongi - 520 000
Place 7: Martin Eikeng - 285 000
Place 8: Matt Hawrilenko - 230 000
Place 9: Zac Fellows - 590 000

Zak Fellows became the first following the results of this exhausting marathon. He has received WSOP’s first gold bracelet and $311 899.

Shuffle Up and Deal

Written on 6 June 2009 by

The first day of anniversary tournament with $40000 buy-in has come to the end.
Last year champion Peter Eastgate has opened tournament #2, dated to WSOP’s 40th anniversary, with traditional words «Shuffle Up and Deal».
Thanks to the high entrance fee and the special status anniversary tournament has collected practically all elite of poker world. 201 player has entered struggle for possession of prestigious bracelet and solid prize-winning (the general prize-winning fund has made the record sum - $7 718 400).
Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and David Pham were among the leaders.
Despite deep stacks (120 000 at initial blinds in 200-400 and 50 counters) game passed quite aggressively and already during the first level some participants left the tournament.
Upon termination of day the field has reduced more than twice - to 89 players.

Cool Hands Poker

Written on 28 May 2009 by

Cool Hand Poker is a part of Microgaming network. Network possesses about 120 different casinos and more than 40 poker clubs. Progressive Jack-sweat of a network is one of the largest ones in the market.
Limit and rake
Limits at Cool Hand poker starts with $0.02 / $0.04 and grows up to €10 / €20. Since club is quite young, it offers only Texas Hold´em games: rake at Cool Hand Poker is a standard for Microgaming network; it depends on limits and quantity of players in a hand.
On tables with limits of $0.05 / $0.10 rake in $0.01 for $0.20 in bank is used and it does not exceed $1 in heads-up and $3 for hands with 3 and more participants. Rake is even less in games with lower limits.
Progressive Jack-Pot is equaled to$180 000. Cool Hand poker is still the youngish club, therefore it offers only Texas Hold’em games, however in the near future the list of offered versions of poker should increase considerably.
Game Possibilities
Cool Hand Poker offers you already three different lobbies! Management is easy, buttons and filters are convenient in use. Game goes smoothly, without disconnects. Every day you will find interesting and profitable guaranteed tournaments here.

EPT Grand Final in Monte-Carlo

Written on 15 May 2009 by

Lee Nelson is leading after 1А day. Final tournament of the fifth season European Poker tournament has finally started in Monte-Carlo.
About 400 players took part in this competition and it has exceeded last year indicators. Traditionally more players take part in 1B. If their quantity will exceed 446 persons, the record for final tournament will be fixed.
More than fifty Russian players will takes part in tournament. Among them such outstanding public figures, as owners of bracelets WSOP Alexander Kravchenko and Vitaly Lunkin, Ivan Demidov, Edward Kapitonov, Nikolay Losev, Andrey Zaichenko, Nikolay Kapitonov, Sergey Rybachenko and Cyril Rabtsov.
At the end of 1А competitions 223 from 396 participants will stay in game.
Unfortunately such famous poker players as Phil Ivey, Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker, Patrick Antonius, Roland De Wolfe and Michael McDonald left competition.
New Zealander Lee Nelson, PokerStars team member, heads tournament.
So, here is the list of EPT Grand Final Monte-Carlo leaders:
1. Lee Nelson - 253 600
2. Luca Pagano - 169 600
3. Anthony Venturini - 160 000
4. Thiago Nishijima - 159 000
5. Faraz Jaka - 155 900
6. Michael Tureniec - 146 600
7. Diaz Gilbar - 141 900
8. Sami Kelopuro - 133 500
9. Andrey Zaichenko - 131 300
10. Stephen Haughey - 124 400

PartyGaming Plc will pay $105 million to UIGEA

Written on 8 May 2009 by

Company PartyGaming Plc, owner of Party Poker, which used to be the largest poker site in the world, has informed, that it managed to achieve the agreement with the US State Office of Public Prosecutor, according which it will pay $105 million.
This long-awaited decision includes the agreement on the suit termination that means, that the company recognized illegality of the activity in territory of the USA on UIGEA’s term and will pay the penalty for the sum of $105 million till September, 30th, 2012. The US State Office of Public Prosecutor in turn will dismiss all charges from the company, which continued to render the services to users from the USA after October, 13th, 2006.
Jim Ryan, general director of PartyGaming Plc, has declared that solving of conflict with the government of the USA was the important day for the company. It was a long and difficult process, but to us, eventually, it was possible to reach agreements with the US State Office of Public Prosecutor, that entirely corresponds to interests of business and shareholders.
Earlier the company has declared, that for the first quarter 2009 for the account of poker it managed to earn $53, 6М, that for 34 percent it is less, than for the similar period last year.
Throughout 2008 incomes of the poker company reduced: in the first quarter they have made $80,7 million, in the second  - $73,2million, in the third - $65 million, and in the fourth - $55 million.
The number of active players in the first quarter has made 6,1 million persons, that is on 19% lower, than last year. Average incomes of active players have fallen on 5,3% ($16, 4), according to the company the income of the separate active player for the stipulated period makes $179,9.

Lady Gaga and Poker Face

Written on 29 April 2009 by

Sometimes stars come from anywhere and manage to charm us from the first second of their singing. Lady Gaga is one of the most popular modern pop starts.
Lady Gaga, is combining some features of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Gwen Stephanie and Madonna, she is one of the most unique singers on a modern scene. Any actor since times of the Madonna did not work with such diligence over creation of own image.
Her first album The Fame combines sex, popularity and simply dance. It, unlike other singers, whose songs and albums have captivated radio-waves last months, does not hide the pursuit of popularity.
Being popular all over the world already within several months, Lady Gaga has only recently started to charm American audience. Negative responses from blogger Perez Hilton do not confuse the singer at all. became a unique original source of the information about Lady Gaga.
In January the first single of the singer “Just Dance” has taken the first place of Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for almost 22 weeks. It is the longest term for all history of charts. Her second single, “Poker Face”, has very soon became #1 hit all over the world. Thus, Lady Gaga became the first female performer in history of Billboard, whose both singles have entered in top 10 simultaneously. The third song “LoveGame” has already got in Billboard Hot 100 in spite of the fact that the single release, in connection with popularity “Poker Face”, is planned in the end of this year.

What is ROI poker and how to calculate it?

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ROI - is a recoupment of investments (investments repay). It is used in poker for incomes calculation. The method of ROI calculation depends on game version. Per hour income, considering time spent behind game is the best method.
1) ROI calculation for poker tournaments / Sit and Go
ROI for tournaments is percentage expression your initial buy-in. In poker it is accepted to subtract 100 % (buy-in) at definitive calculation. For example:
You take part in 100 tournaments with $10 + $1 buy-in each. At the end of the game your general sum of money makes $1600.
ROI = (1600) / (1100) or 145 % - 100 % and ROI will make 45 %.
2) ROI for cash games
To is a little bit more difficult to calculate ROI for cash games. It is caused by time period for calculation. In poker it, as a rule, makes 100 hands. For example:
For one session you play 1000 hands and earn $500. Your initial buy-in in game is $200. Thus, ROI makes 50 % for 100 hands.

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